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Fluffy Styling Massage Air Cushion Comb

Fluffy Styling Massage Air Cushion Comb

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- Fluffy and voluminous: Create an airy and voluminous look for your hair, adding height and lift effortlessly.
- Wide-spaced teeth: The comb teeth are spaced more than 8mm apart, allowing for smooth combing without tugging or pulling.
- Rescue for limp and flat hair: This comb helps revive and add body to fine, soft, and flat hair, giving it a fuller appearance.
- Hollow design for quick and even heat distribution: The hollow design allows the comb to heat up quickly and evenly during styling.
- Quick styling for faster results: The combination of air cushion and 110 round-tipped nylon teeth enables quick and effective styling, reducing the time needed for hairstyling.
- Scalp massage function: The comb's rounded teeth provide a gentle massage to your scalp, promoting blood circulation and relaxation.
- 18mm extended teeth for smooth and tangle-free combing: The extended teeth design ensures smooth and snag-free combing, preventing hair breakage.
- Curved arc design for a better fit: The curved arc design of the comb fits the contours of your head, allowing for smooth and voluminous combing.

- Material: ABS
- Color: Pink、Blue、Green
- Size: 248*75*28mm
- Weight: Approximately 85g

Usage Tips:
1. Start combing from the roots to the ends, gently working through any tangles or knots.
2. Use the comb to lift and tease your hair at the roots for added volume and height.
3. Enjoy the scalp massage feature by gently moving the comb in circular motions on your scalp.
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