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Silicone Foldable Makeup Brush Cleaner

Silicone Foldable Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Material: Silicone
Color: Various colors available
Size: 14.5cm x 10.8cm (collapsed height: 1.8cm, expanded height: 4.3cm)
Hanging Basket Size: 8.5cm x 19.5cm x 30cm

- Dual-purpose design: Dry cleaning and wet cleaning, all-in-one solution
- Dry Cleaning: Brushes dry without water, increasing their lifespan; suitable for brushes with handles (powder brushes, contour brushes, setting brushes)
- Wet Cleaning: Soaking-style cleaning; suitable for sponges (beauty blenders, powder puffs)
- Multiple textured patterns for versatile cleaning options; choose the appropriate pattern based on the makeup tool to make cleaning more efficient
- Memory rebound ensures the cleaner retains its shape and elasticity
- Easy to dry and can accommodate multiple items simultaneously
- Solves the problem of difficult drying and prevents mold and deformation
- Made of durable silicone material

1. Dry Cleaning: Gently glide the makeup brush along the textured patterns to remove dry residue without the need for water.
2. Wet Cleaning: Fill the cleaner with water and cleansing solution, then immerse the makeup sponge in the solution and massage it against the textured patterns.
3. Rinse the brushes or sponges thoroughly with water after cleaning.

Note: Brushes, sponges, and hanging basket shown in the images are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the product.
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