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Teddy Bear Ice Cube Mold

Teddy Bear Ice Cube Mold

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Introducing our charming Teddy Bear Ice Cube Mold, perfect for adding a touch of cuteness to your drinks. This mold allows you to create adorable teddy bear-shaped ice cubes, making your beverages more delightful and refreshing.

- Easy Release: The ice cube mold offers effortless demolding, allowing you to release the ice cubes in a matter of seconds without any hassle. The non-stick surface ensures that the ice cubes come out intact and without any residue.
- Smooth Operation: With a silky smooth operation, you don't have to wait long for the ice cubes to freeze. The mold is designed for quick and convenient use.
- Leak-Proof Water Funnel: The mold comes with a built-in small funnel on the top cover, making it easy and fast to fill the mold with water. Simply pour water until it reaches the indicated level near the scale, and you're good to go.
- Multi-Purpose: Besides making ice cubes, this versatile mold can be used for other creative purposes. It is suitable for making chocolate molds, jelly molds, or even as a baking mold for small treats.
- Cold and Heat Resistant: Made from high-quality materials, the mold is resistant to both cold and heat. It can be safely used in the freezer for ice cube making or in the oven for baking small treats.
- Odor-Free Design: The mold is designed to prevent flavor cross-contamination, ensuring that your ice cubes won't absorb any unwanted odors or tastes from the freezer.
- Two Size Options: The mold is available in two sizes: 14cm * 11cm and 12cm * 15.5cm, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Experience the convenience and cuteness of our Teddy Bear Ice Cube Mold. With its easy-release feature, leak-proof water funnel, and multi-purpose use, this mold is perfect for adding a touch of fun to your drinks or creating delightful treats. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with its cold and heat resistance, and choose between the two available sizes to suit your preferences.
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